Top 10 Best Parks for a Birthday Party in the St George Area

St George is full of beautiful parks and recreation areas, but some are better than others for a party with the kids. We gathered 10 of the best parks for a birthday party in the

St George area.

#10. Nisson Park

This classic park is always a great go-to for a birthday party. Their massive playing field is perfect for any outdoor activity. Grassy areas with large trees are perfect for a picnic in the shade. Kids will love playing in the creek that runs through this park. A covered pavilion is located next to the playground area and basketball hoops - perfect for supervising your kids in the shade.

#9. Cottonwood Cove Park

Your kids will love the two climbing walls at Cottonwood Cove Park. This popular 7-acre park also has huge open grass areas perfect for any outdoor game, picnic tables, and barbeques. Their unique playground and sand volleyball courts will be sure to please any age!

#8. Slick Rock Park

Featuring two rock climbing boulders, this 7-acre, the unique park is perfect for kids who love to climb! This park also includes a trellis covered pavilion, picnic tables, and a barbeque. The small grassy areas are great for relaxing while the kids climb. This park would make for a memorable day!

#7. Green Spring Park

This beautiful, 9.5 acre, lesser-known park is perfect for your next birthday party. With its 1,500 sq ft splash pad, large shaded playground, and huge open grass areas, this park is open to so many possibilities! For older kids, this park features a half basketball court and 2 pickleball courts. The large pavilion is great for kids to take a break and eat.

#6. Town Square Park

Located inside St George’s historic district, Town Square Park hosts a wide array of activities perfect for any birthday party. Play at the splash pad with jets, in the lazy river, or at the waterfall. Go to the large grassy area to stretch out and play games or eat a picnic. This park also features a carousel - only $1 per ride!

#5. Vernon Worthen Park

Vernon Worthen Park is a community favorite, hosting festivals and events for the community. The large, 4.5-acre park is located in downtown St George and has a lot to offer. It’s large open grassy fields are perfect for a game of tag, frisbee, or soccer. Bring lunches and eat at one of the four picnic areas. With a unique playground with swings and climbing ropes, this park is sure to be a hit at any birthday party. For the older kids, this park has sand volleyball courts and pickleball courts.

#4. Millcreek Park

This unique, 4-acre neighborhood park would definitely be a crowd-pleaser! Their unique playground features rope climbing challenges for all ages. There is a separate play area for kids ages 2-5 and ages 5-12. The half basketball court includes an area for skateboarders. As well, there is a large grassy area with a walking path surrounding it.

#3. Canyon Park

This brand new park is full of fun challenges for any age! Their ninja-style obstacle course, fast slides, rope climbing, and playground will surely make the dream birthday party for anyone. This park also provides easy trail access to the Hell Hole Trailhead.

#2. Sullivan Soccer Park

Sullivan Soccer Park often isn’t thought of as more than a place to play soccer, but they have a wonderful park area as well! A playground, splash pad, and large pavilion are located right next to each other, perfect for supervising kids while sitting in the shade. This park also includes 6 pickleball courts, 4 full-size soccer fields, and a fish pond stocked with trout (fishing license needed).

#1. Thunder Junction/Tonaquint Park

Perhaps the best park in St George for kids, Tonaquint/Thunder Junction Park has it all! Tonaquint park features a shaded playground, sand volleyball, tennis courts - perfect for any age. As well, the dinosaur-themed Thunder Junction All Abilities Park (located within Tonaquint park) has incredible features! From a climbing wall to an “erupting” volcano, to a splash pad, to a train, this park has it all! Kids will love the unique playground and splash pad area.