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Questions to Ask When Buying a Home

Buying a home can be confusing - that's why Realtors are there to help! Here are 3 questions to ask your Realtor when buying a home.

1. Is the Asking Price Correct for the Market Value?

When making an offer, ask your Realtor to do a market analysis to find out what other homes in the neighborhood have sold for recently. This will help you to know if the home has been priced fairly so you don't spend more than the home is worth.

2. Does This Home Have an HOA? What Are the Rules?

HOAs can make or break the decision to buy a home. During your due diligence timeframe, be sure to review all of the rules, regulations, and CC&Rs that the HOA has in place.

3. What Schools Would My Kids Be Attending?

If you have children, schools are important in the decision of which home to buy. Researching schools in the home’s area can help you decide if this is the right home for you.


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