Hickory Farms - Local Spotlight

This week's local spotlight is Hickory Farms. Every year in November and December, Hickory Farms comes to sell their delicious products in a pop-up shop in the Red Cliffs Mall. They sell incredibly tasty cheeses, meats, snacks, and sweets. You can even buy gift baskets for your friends and family!

When you try it out, I recommend getting some salami and cheese to try on crackers. It is a great holiday tradition to get food from Hickory Farms! If you have a neighbor that you want to give a gift to, a Hickory Farms product or gift basket is the way to go.

Next time you're looking for a snack or a gift to give someone, head on over to Hickory Farms in the mall. Let us know how much you enjoyed it.

Address: 1770 Red Cliffs Dr, St George, UT

Phone: 801-317-8939