Best Ideas for Mother's Day

Mother's Day is coming up and if you're like me, sometimes it is hard to think of the perfect way to treat your mom. Here is a list of 14 of the best ideas to make your mom feel special on her special day.

#1. Treat her to a spa day

Book her an appointment at her favorite spa to get her nails done, her hair done, or get a massage. Even better, go with her. Alternatively, make your own spa day at home! Chances are, your mom will love spending quality time with you while she relaxes.

#2. Make her favorite meal

Don't let your mom cook on Mother's Day - instead, take the time to find out her favorite meals and cook them for her! It'll be even more special if it is a surprise.

#3. Write a thank you

Thank your mom for all the amazing things she has done for you and for the person she has helped you become. Writing it in a card or a letter for her to keep and reread will make it all the more special.

#4. Make a video of your moments together

If you have recorded moments with your mom, compile it into a video of your life together! If you don't have videos, create a slideshow of pictures you have together. She will love being able to look back at the memories she has with you.

#5. Breakfast in bed

Who doesn't love being treated to breakfast in bed? Make her favorite breakfast and let her enjoy her morning in bed. Don't forget to do the dishes too. Bonus if it is a surprise!

#6. Clean her house

All mothers love having a clean house - give your mom a gift of service by cleaning her house! This will show your mom how much you love her.

#7. Spend quality time together

Spend the day with your mom doing what she likes to do. The best gift to your mom may be spending time with you.

#8. Give her flowers

Surprise her with her favorite flowers - even better if you add her favorite chocolate to the mix.

#9. Photo book

Create a photo book for your mom - either one that you filled with pictures of your moments together or one with spots for her to put her favorite pictures.

#10. Shopping and lunch

Take your mom on a shopping spree! Afterwards, treat her to lunch at her

favorite restaurant.

#11. Watch her favorite movie with her

Spend the night with your mom watching her favorite movie and eating her

favorite snacks.

#12. Photoshoot of her kids and grandkids

Surprise your mom with photos from a photoshoot of her kids (and grandkids). Have them framed and ready to put on the wall.

#13. Take a class together

Go take a class (i.e. art class, ceramics class, cooking class) with your mom - this is a fun way to spend quality time together!

#14. Reasons why you love your mom in a jar

Write on strips of paper all the reasons you love your mom and put them in a jar. In addition, you could leave instructions her her to take one out for every

day/week/special time of the year.