TwentyFive Main - Local Spotlight

Whether you are craving cupcakes or great food, TwentyFive Main has got you covered. With their convenient location on Main St, they are right in the middle of the action in downtown St George. Their delicious menu includes a variety of salads, pasta, paninis, deli sandwiches, pizzas, and soups that everyone will love. After dinner, choose a sweet cupcake for the road.

TwentyFive Main is known for its fresh ingredients. What they are also known for is their local music scene as they host “Rock Main” on Friday nights where local musicians come and play inside the restaurant. What better way to spend your Friday night than to listen to local musicians while eating a delicious Caprese panini?

When you go, I recommend trying the fettuccine alfredo or house Margherita pizza. And don’t forget to grab a cupcake on the way out! They really are as good as everyone says. Let us know how much you loved it.

Hours: Mon-Thurs 8 AM - 9 PM; Fri-Sat 8 AM - 10 PM

Address: 25 N Main St, St George, UT 84770

Phone: 435-628-7110